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Cable's Leaders in Learning Awards 2008

The 2008 Cable’s Leaders in Learning Awards winners include educators who are sharing effective teaching methods worldwide via blogs and streaming videos, connecting students to their communities while raising money for orphans in South Africa, producing a student-led documentary on the fabled Bronx borough of New York City, or providing parents a way to connect with their children’s teachers through ATM-like kiosks in grocery stores among other innovative approaches.


Friday, June 29, 2007


Thomas Gregory, Teacher, Gahanna High School, Cable Partnerships Award

In an effort to generate support and raise awareness and funds for the building of a Veteran’s Memorial, Thomas Gregory collaborated with Time Warner Cable to showcase a student-produced documentary featuring local veterans and current servicemen and women on Time Warner’s Local On-Demand channel.

The documentary is part of Gregory’s To Serve and To Honor unit, which began shortly after a Gahanna Lincoln High alum lost his life in Iraq. Motivated by the loss of a friend and community member, students helped create the unit, resulting in an award-winning documentary and more than $130,000 raised to design and build a Veteran’s Memorial outside of the school.

Listen and learn (MP3, 20.5 MB) how Gregory has impacted not only his students, but his entire community.

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